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Pastor Neser:
“Our Heavenly Father, We come to Thee in the Name of our Lord
Jesus Christ, and we ask for Thy guidance. We believe Lord, that
we live in very important times and, therefore, we pray that what
shall be spoken this morning shall be for Thy Glory, and Oh God, for
Thy people outside where your Word declares that “My people
perish through lack of knowledge” and You say in Your Word that
we shall know the truth and the truth shall set us free.
Grant, Oh Lord, that this morning we as Your humble instruments
shall not fail Thee. In Jesus Name — Amen.
Interview Questions:
Question1. Pastor, tell me what is this Israel Vision?
First of all, the word “Israel Vision” I believe is a misnomer. It should
be the “Israel Truth”. Now briefly, what it is:-
We believe that God appointed a specific race through which He
wants to reveal Himself to this world. When we look at this world, it
is not a pretty picture. This world as it is at this moment is certainly,
the way I see it, NOT to the Glory of God. There is hatred, war,
terrorism, and sickness. Terrible sicknesses in spite of our
wonderful medical knowledge; - and the world is getting sicker every
day. We build bigger hospitals and there are more diseases. We
are still battling with “Aids” and now with “Sars” and so it goes on.
That is not the way God made this world. When He made it and
looked at it He saw that it was very good. God never intended that
there should be disease, hatred, murder and whatever.
He has given man a free will. He made us sovereign beings.
Therefore, if you want to exercise your free will and your
sovereignty, you just also take the responsibility, because with each
privilege there is an equal weight of responsibility on the other side.
And now the world landed itself in a mess through disobedience.
Is God the Almighty Creator, and I asked His blessing very
reverently, now going to throw His hands into the air and say, “Oh, it
has been a failure!” Is He going to leave it that way? What is going
to happen to this world? Are we to destroy ourselves? Because
that is the way in which we are heading.
No, God has made a way!
He chose one specific person and that person’s name was
Abraham. He called him from his place and said to him: “In you and
your seed shall all the families of the earth be blessed”. From
Abraham came Isaac and from Isaac came Jacob. These promises
and commitments were passed on from the one to the other. Then
God made with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob (and this is very
important) an everlasting, irrevocable and unchangeable,
He gave them His laws and He said to them “If you live according to
these laws all shall be well with you. There shall be no sickness, no
disease, either among your cattle or your flocks and there shall be
no pests in your crops and no sickness — if you obey My voice”.
Through Jacob came the twelve tribes and these twelve tribes were
sent into the world. I can see it, like a beam of light as it pierces
through the darkness as in a dark room, showing up the dust.
Then He said to them “Now live according to My laws so that the
world can see that you are a different people. No diseases; no
wars; no want; no famine at all, whereas on the outside the other
nations will suffer all these things. Then the Bible makes a broad
distinction which is very important — that is that God calls Himself
the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the people with whom He
made this covenant.
He does not call Himself the God of any other Group of Nations, but
only of this nation with whom He made an everlasting covenant.
God said that when He blessed them, these other nations would
come to them. That is My intention; they will notice that you are a
different people; that all your circumstances are different.
They will come and ask you - “Why?”
And you will be able to say: “Because our God is the Living God!
Your gods are idols: Tree stumps, stones, the sun, the moon and
Our God made all those things, which you worship. They have no
life in themselves. I am the only one who has Life in Myself! By that
way, if those people will believe, they will also come to Me. In that
way the world will be saved, it will be redeemed.
Unfortunately this nation also disobeyed God. They followed “the
ways of the heathen”, as the Bible calls it, instead of the way of
God. They then, of course, started to suffer the same
consequences. The Bible says the wages of sin is death. I might
also add this: -
The Bible says that the heavens declare the Handiwork of God.
The only way we as humans can see and observe perfection is in
God’s whole universe, as we look up to the skies. The sun for
instance rises and sets at the same time it did hundreds and
thousands of years ago — and will continue to do so. So also the
moon and the stars; the tides of the oceans, because in those,
man’s hand had not been able to interfere. That is the only
perfection which we can still observe.
Question 2: . What is the Israel vision and belief of today?
I am perhaps going about it the long way. I’m coming to that.
Man is the crown of God’s creation. This is how God started with
me as a little boy. I loved the Bible ever since I was a child and I
could see these things. I’m not blowing my own trumpet — I am
very imperfect. Anyway I have a very sensitive spirit. I feel things
deeply and I want the answers.
We are the crown of God’s creation, we should, as man, reflect the
glory of God even more than the sun and the moon and the stars.
What went wrong? It went wrong because God gave us a free will
and we decided to disobey. So God came along and He chose
Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and the twelve tribes after that, and this
responsibility was passed on to them, to no other nation only to this
nation, called to be a servant race, dedicated to service. First of all
to show forth the glory of God and secondly, for the redemption of
From out of this race was to come the Redeemer, the Lord Jesus
Christ. Who was actually promised to Eve just after the fall. God
said it would be her Seed that would bruise the Serpent’s head. It
was committed to this race to carry and to transmit also that Seed
which was to come in the fullness of time, viz. Jesus Christ.
So this nation was disobedient, split up into two and this is where
the Israel Truth comes in. The one was called the “House of
Judah”, which included the Benjamites and the other ten tribes were
called the “House of Israel”. They both were dis-obedient and both
FROM THEM. He was not going to redeem the world through any
other race.
Now we in the “Israel Truth”, believe that we can prove (as in my
book “The Lost Ten Tribes”) from archeology, from history and
mostly from the evidence of the Bible itself, that the Anglo Saxon,
Celtic, Germanic and kindred people, i.e. the white people that
settled in Western and North Western Europe, are the literal
descendants of those ten tribes called “The Lost Ten Tribes”.
God has not recalled His Covenant and as a child I asked myself:
“Where are these people? God made and EVERLASTING COVENANT
with them, and if God has broken that Covenant with them, how can
I believe in a God like that? Which of all the races are they today?
Black? Yellow? White?”
Who were they in the days of the Bible? They could not just have
disappeared; by what other names are they called? The white
people were the only people to carry the Christian faith — who sent
out missionaries and printed all the Bibles. All our witnessing to a
living God originated with the white people, and who are they? The
“Israel Truth” revealed and we believe, that we are that people who
carry that responsibility.
Question 3: Who first spoke to you about this message, and who
gave the cross to you?
I was born in 1918 right at the end of the First World War Soon
after that in 1929 came the big financial crash; the big Depression
that you young people can only read about. There simply was no
money. My father was a farmer and a sickly man and most of our
people were poor. The war had just ended and we also had the
Rebellion of 1914 which impoverished especially the Afrikaner even
more. I felt this very keenly and I read the Bible which said God had
promised prosperity, health, wealth and well being in every respect
and all that we could see around us was misery. I just want to
mention that in the Free State we had not even heard the word
“pollution” and the air there was very clear.
On a full Moon night you could read your Bible by moonlight. The
moon looked as majestic as it sailed through the sky. It makes such
a vivid impression, it almost awes you, it is so beautiful. As a little
boy I took my father by the hand and told him “Daddy, just come
and look how perfect it is!” And the moon rises and sets at fixed
times which you can calculate. Our old wall clock, when it stopped,
was reset by the rise and set of the sun because we had these
tables by which the correct time could be calculated according to
fixed laws. And the heavens obey God’s laws perfectly! That is
why they are such a demonstration of the glory of God. And look at
how the world is struggling.
Soon after 1929, when I was 11 years old, — an eleven year old
child can think quite deeply -came the big drought of 1933 — which
you younger generation can only read about. It was a dreadful time
for our Country — on which I shall not enlarge — but it had
tremendous political consequences. United Party, Nationalist Party
and all these things had their reflections on our politics. All these
things and the struggle between white and black can be seen in its
integrated setting. It will speak to you. And where shall we find the
answers? Only in God’s word -- and that is how God spoke to me.


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