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There is much disagreement and confusion amongst the children of God regarding his Name. Because of this, and after many years of research, I consulted with two Professors in Hebrew and a Jewish Rabbi concerning the “Name”.
I asked the Jewish Rabbi whether the Professors are correct in saying that the pronunciation of the Tetragrammaton YHWH as YAHVEH is in fact an English transcription and that the sound and pronunciation of the Holy Name in the Hebrew is totally different! Without any hesitation he answered that their statement is in fact correct. Furthermore he stated that every character of the “YHWH” has its own sound depending on the context in which the “Name” is used.
The Jewish people showed such a holy respect towards the Name of God that they were afraid of using his Name in vain when pronouncing it. Therefore they avoided the pronunciation of the Name JHWH (or YHWH) and instead they used the word:
Adonai - (meaning Lord) or;
Hashem - (meaning the “Name”).
According to the Rabbi when they read the OT in the Synagogue:
a) the word “Adonai” is used;
b) and when they speak in general to each other, the word “Hashem” is used.
During the course of time, the original pronunciation of YHWH became unknown and lost. Learned people tried to reconstruct the vowels in YHWH and came to the conclusion that it should be “Yahweh”. However this is not an absolute certainty!
In Isaiah 52 verse 6 we read:
6 Therefore my people shall know my name: therefore they shall know in that day that I am he that doth speak: behold, it is I.
Clearly “that day” is the day on which the LORD shall destroy this “World order” by force and shall unmistakably reveal Himself to his people and also to the heathen.
The elements “jahu” or the abbreviated “jah” appear in proper names. The problem is that the elements “eho” and “jo” (compare Jehoshua and Jo-el) refers to a possibly different pronunciation of the “Name”. To tell the truth, there is another group who are every bit as serious as the “YAWEH” group who maintains that the pronunciation in English is “YAHUEH” and not
“YAHWEH”. They also present very learned arguments and references similar to (of calculated) the YAHWEH group.
We find the following commentary “Theological Wordbook of The Old Testament” - Vol.1 pp. 210:
Yehonatan, Jehonathan, “YAHWEH (his version of YHWH) has given ”abbreviated Yonatan, Jonathan, a substitute name for the same person; and Yehoshapat, Jehoshaphat - “YAHWEH, (his version of YHWH) has judged”, alternatively Yoshapat, “Joshaphat”, applied only to two subordinates of David -------.
I present this quotation to indicate that the elements “jeho” and “jo” appear here also. Therefore we cannot assume that “Yahweh” is the correct Hebrew pronunciation of the Name of God which is written as YHWH in the original.
The Name of Jesus as above; for years I’ve been confronted with the name “Yahshua” and can say in all sincerity and honesty that I have investigated this matter thoroughly:
a) Not in any book or concordances which I consulted I could find the name “Yashua”!
b) However, the names Yehoshua, Joshua and Yeshua, I did find!
The two professors also confirmed my findings. They claim that the pronunciation “YAHSHUAH” as incorrect. In the Old Testament it is clearly Jehoshu’ah. Jesus is the Greek thereof.
“YAH” does not mean: I am and Shuah, does not mean the Anointed!
The above mentioned groups of people who proclaim that the Name of God is not YAHVEH but YAHUEH also proclaim that the name of our Saviour is not “Yahshuah” but “Yahushua”.
They also present various references and evidence. The elements “Yahu”, “Jeho” and “Jo” are applicable here.
The argument is presented that the angel who spoke to Joseph must have spoken in the Hebrew language and therefore used the name “Yahshuah”. We have already indicated that the word could have been “Jehoshua” or “Jesua” but not “Yahshuah”! Besides it is more likely that the angel spoke to Joseph in the Aramaic Language. This is a kindred language but it is not Hebrew.
In spite of not being 100% sure that the pronunciation “Yaweh” is correct either, they go further and change the Name of the Father and the Son to “Yahweh and Yashuah” throughout the entire NT. I regard this as utterly presumptuous.


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