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Year 2000 (Y2K):
The year, the decade, the century and the millennium turned, and nothing dramatic, as far as I know, happened. All the terrible disasters and disruptions that had been predicted, did not take place. But, one thing is certain, and that is that we have entered a period that will be much more dramatic than the one that has just passed. I call the new millennium the Jesus Millennium because I believe that He will be coming back to earth early in the future to take the Government upon his shoulders.
Mankind has had six thousand years in which he was commanded to dress and keep this earth, which God had created absolutely perfect. Man was appointed to administer it according to the perfect laws of the Almighty. This was made much easier by the first coming of the Lord Jesus; which also formed the basis of our calendar. But, even his own people rejected him and said: “Away with him, let him be crucified!” The result is that during the past 2,000years, millions died in the most horrible way, and that today, here at the beginning of the 21st century, mankind finds itself on the edge of total annihilation. That was the underlying cause of the fear of what the Y2K Bug might do at the turn of the century.
And now we find ourselves at the beginning of the most important time in history in the unfortunate position that we have just about lost our compass, the Bible, or have forgotten how to use it. Jesus Himself told us that just before His Second Coming it would be a time such as it was in the days of Noah. It was a time of violence, of race mixing and low morality. These three conditions describe our time exactly. In this our beloved country it is not safe anymore even to leave your home, you have no guarantee that you will return alive or unharmed. It is not much better anywhere else in the world. Race mixing is being forced upon us. It is more and more becoming law that the white man is no longer allowed to stand up for his own race. Immorality has come to be considered as absolutely normal. Those who stand out for a clean moral life are considered behind the times.
According to pattern:
But, I have good news for you. The future is not without a blueprint, much less is it heading for the precipice. God has made this world for man and planned that he should live here under ideal circumstances without fear, sickness, and death. We need not go in this century to the moon, or Mars or any other planet to look for better and safer living conditions, even if we
should acquire the know-how through better technology, which is certainly coming.
However unacceptable and controversial it might sound to a liberal and free-thinking spirit, the pattern laid down by our God and Creator in the Bible, is that He had given his laws to his chosen People Israel by which they were to administer this world. The whole earth, its plants, animals, raw materials, its atmosphere, human life, is based upon the most wonderful and perfect laws that could ever be made. In the exceptional cases where they had been applied, man reached great heights; he began to explore the universe and planted his footsteps on the moon. With it he discovered in the micro-universe the atom, magnum forces with which to drive his power stations.
But like any power not properly controlled, it will also destroy us. We have now come to the time where we realize it directly or instinctively. I believe it is the explanation for the underlying nervousness and fear of the Y2K Bug. No human being has the power or the knowledge to control the powers that threaten to be unleashed. For those who have eyes to see and a heart feet in search of bread and shelter.
Give ye them to eat:
Jesus, the Son of God, the Wonder Man, the King of kings, the Lord of lords, said on one memorable day to his few disciples, simple fishermen, to feed a hungry crowd of several thousand people in a desert place, “give ye them to eat”, He multiplied five small portions of bread and two small fish so miraculously, that not only did everyone have enough to eat, but several baskets full of leftovers were gathered afterwards. They certainly did not without reason think that the Kingdom of God had come. I believe that deep in the spirit of the People of God, there is a feeling that, according to the Scripture, the rescue and salvation of the world will come in exactly the same way through this “Man”.
On another occasion Jesus and his disciples found themselves on the sea in a furious storm that threatened to sink their boat. He stood up and rebuked the storm. Immediately the wind subsided and the sea became as smooth as a mirror. The disciples feared exceedingly and said one to another:
“- - - - - - What manner of Man is this, that even the wind and the sea obey Him?” – (Mark 4:41)
We must view these things in this most important time of the history of the world in their prophetic and mystic setting. It is meant for those whom God has chosen. The multiplying of the bread and fish and the calming of the storm have a deep and prophetic significance. The world population reached on 12 October last year its 6milliard mark. These people are
crying for bread and living space. At the same time the Eastern Nations are beginning to catch up on the West technologically.
The most important is that the West is busy losing its very soul. Because the Bible is no longer the guiding principle of our thinking, its teaching does not count in our life style anymore.
It does not say much to us anymore when Jesus says:
“For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?” – (Matthew 16:26)
And also:
“- - - - Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God” – (Matthew 4:4).
These are eternal principles, stronger even than the law of gravity.
The West, the seat of Christianity, has become so affluent, that its people have become materialistic. They, as they think, do not need God. At the same time they have also become very clever, proud, and arrogant. They have completely forgotten what had made them “great”. A very prominent person went to the USA to find out the secret of what made of them such a great country. After careful investigation, he came to the following conclusion: “America will cease to be great when she ceases to be good”. The same can be said of Western Europe in the 19th Century.
That is where the Reformation started. The Industrial Revolution followed soon afterward and closes on its heels, the colonial expansion of the British Empire and some of the other West-European countries. Africa was a telling example of this. It was a fact that the sun never set on the British Empire.
The motto of the Reformation was: “Sola Scriptura, sola gratia”. Scripture only, grace only, but together with it, modernism came along and the subversion of the Bible. The wealth and fame also enabled evil forces to infiltrate the churches and educational establishments with their money and bend the minds of the scholars in theology, philosophy, and science. Exactly as in the Garden of Eden, Satan once again succeeded in getting those opinion formers to question whether God had really spoken.
The results were that money had become the god of this world, and reason its prime minister. It has become so powerful that we can call the past two centuries in which man has made his greatest progress, the era of materialism and knowledge. And now the masses are asking for bread and accommodation. The materialist and the scholar cannot give it to them.
Please read Matthew 6 and especially verse 33.
And because the present system cannot give it to them, they threaten to devour one another.
Where does it all lead?
The old Bible Book that is so neglected and despised gives us the only answer. It shows us that this dispensation will end in the greatest conflict of all time. It will be so severe that if the days ahead are not shortened, no flesh will be saved. Let me put it another way: No living being, man or animal, will survive! Who was able to give bread to the multitude in the desert place, and who was able to still the storm? Only Jesus and Jesus only. It is so written in the Book. He is going to shorten the days for the sake of His old Covenant People Israel, of whom the Western Nations form the nucleus.
The Bible says: - “a nation shall be born in a day”.
They will all be filled with the Holy Spirit. God will give his laws in their inward parts and write them upon their hearts. He Himself will be their King upon this earth and administer it according to His ordinances and bring it back into harmony with Himself and the whole universe. This I believe will happen shortly. You now have the opportunity right at the beginning of this millennium to make sure that you “enter in” before the door is closed.
Come, and make this the most exciting time of your life!


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